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Important Announcement

Meeting Time Change

From 20th March 2017 Monday evening meetings will be held at 7.00PM instead of 7:30PM

Sunday afternoon or Monday evening? Which meeting should I attend?

GLITF Vic holds meetings on the first Sunday and third Monday of each month. Is there a difference?

Check Out which meeting is the right one for you?

Next Meeting

The Next General Meeting will be on Sunday 7th May 2017 at 5.00PM

The next Advice Night will be on Monday 15th May 2017 at 7.00PM

Meetings are held at:

The Betty Day Community Centre
67 Argyle St
St Kilda (MAP)

Melway Map 2P Reference F6
St. Kilda Road Tram 3, 67 Stop 33 or
Chapel Street Tram 78, 79 Stop 39


Community Partners

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JOY FM is Australia's only Gay and Lesbian Radio Station

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DO NOT ACT on the basis of this information. You should obtain expert migration or legal advice on your case from a duly qualified practitioner.

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:: About us

The Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force (Vic) Inc. (GLITF) provides support and assistance, and through its pro bono Registered Migration Agents (Advisers), migration advice to gay and lesbian couples who are members of GLITF Victoria and who are seeking Permanent Residence status for the non-resident partner of an individual who is an Australian Citizen, an Australian Permanent Resident, or an Eligible New Zealand citizen. We aim to achieve equality in the Australian immigration system for lesbian and gay couples, and to ensure that changes in immigration policy take into account the needs of people who are gay or lesbian. Download the GLITF Flyer (Pdf 34 Kb)

:: Facts


GLITF Victoria has been in operation since 1985


GLITF Victoria has a number of registered migration agents as advisors


GLITF is a non-profit organisation


GLITF organizations also operate in NSW, QLD, SA, WA


GLITF is accessible via the web and offers up-to-date details on changes to immigration policy that affects its members


GLITF Victoria produces a newsletter from time to time

:: What we can do for you

GLITF Victoria is a voluntary organization. We receive no funds from Government and for our finances we depend entirely on subscriptions and sales of our Guide book ("The GLITF Guide to Applying for Partner Migration"). Our office bearers and our Migration Advisers give their services to members absolutely free.

We cannot, therefore, offer an around-the-clock service such as you might obtain from a lawyer or Migration Agent acting for a fee. But we will help you to help yourself. Come to the Sunday meetings for general information, and to the Monday advice nights if you have need of advice in relation to your own situation. But before asking for advice, please do your homework - read the GLITF guide book and the DIMA Partner booklet which is available online. You drive your application - we guide you along the way!

If you are a MEMBER of GLITF Victoria living in Melbourne and have a really urgent problem you can email GLITF explaining the situation. Your email will be forwarded to one of our Migration Advisers for consideration and reply. We cannot guarantee, however, that you will receive advice outside of meeting times. Advice will not be given over the GLITF phone.

If you are a MEMBER of GLITF Victoria living overseas or living so far from Melbourne that it is impossible for you to attend our Sunday Meetings and/or Monday Advice nights, you may email GLITF if you are seeking particular advice about your own situation. Your email will be forwarded to one of our Migration Advisers for consideration and reply.

Please note that questions of a general nature for which the answers may be found in "The GLITF Guide to Applying for Partner Migration" cannot be answered outside of meeting times.

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